Giftwenty Sdn Bhd

Giftwenty Sdn Bhd is established since year 2008. The principal objective of the company
is to be a key multi-channel retailer of small leather goods in Malaysia. Having successfully
built its repertoire of more than 80 consignments counters
all-over Malaysia (including Sabah Sarawak),
Brunei and Vietnam; Giftwenty Sdn Bhd is poised to be one of the most trusted retailers of small leather
goods and accessories in Malaysia.

Our organisation is well-known for providing unprecedented service to all of our customers and partners.
This also includes giving our undivided attention and support to fulfil request or events from major
shopping malls management and departmental retailers' team.

Understanding the eager needs of the market, we are aspiring to satisfy demand from customers Kuala Lumpur.
Recent years, branding has become a very important issue in retail line and always the majority
consumers will believe that different brands will articulate
different personality and style.
As the result of this, Giftwenty is concentrating and continue to carry and develop all different range
of international brands.

Quality and choice of Casual Collection will always be the objective of Giftwenty Sdn Bhd.
We believed our categories of products and brands will always provide the best choice for all the consumers.


Brands We Carry